Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run, Rabbit Run.

So, I am considering running something semi-regular in addition to my 4e game, in part because I've never run anything non-d&d, and because I want to run something that shieldhaven can play in. I haven't ever run a tabletop game that wasn't some edition of D&D though, and the sorts of things I might run... well, let's have a look, shall we?

In no particular order:

1) Nobilis-- B's had this book for some time, and lent it me back in the day because of the Pritty. And man, is it Pritty. Also, Samhaine's Opinions Matter.

2) Changeling: The Lost-- set in the universe of the novel I am writing about a lass named Timothina and many Thousands of Kingdoms. There are fey in the story, and it might map pretty nicely, and be deeply interesting to me.

3) A 4th Age Middle Earth Game-- I am not sure what system I'd use for this, but the idea is that the PCs are Orcs, Southron, or Halflings just after the end of the War of the Ring. Based on the premise that Orcs are twisted mutations of Elves, Ulmo or Illuvitar or someone has wakened the Elvish soul in some of them, those where that part lay sleeping only lightly. This turns them from brutish beasts incapable of order without the control of a tyrant into real, thinking creatures with consciences, interested in getting redemption from themselves, and gaining some form of acceptance in the lands of Middle Earth. There's a bunch of challenges in even setting this up that I'm likely to address more in depth here later.

4) Something else that I just haven't thought of, if there's anything that my peeps might wish to play.

Also, I still mean to run my Dawning Star short-run horror game, but Shieldhaven will be helping me write and run that, rather than playing in it, which defeats some little of the purpose.

If one has an opinion, they might comment about it here, or fill out yon LJ poll.

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  1. As I said in our conversation, my preference for Timothina-world Changeling over Middle Earth has a lot to do with worrying that your setup for Middle Earth would be soul-crushingly depressing, and I'm more in the mood for the mystery and wonder at present.

    Also, we need to have our conversations about Dawning Star sometime when we're at computers and can write things down, rather than when we're trying to go to sleep...