Friday, February 18, 2011

Session Roundup #4

A day late due to patch day again, but nu, better late than never!

So this past week saw some Arcana Evolved, and also rolling up characters with Shieldhaven, Wombat, and (eventually) Stands-In-Fire for Samhaine's Dresden Files one shot. AE was first, while down in the ATL for a LARP BBQ (mmm... acronyms), where Kings' Gate Matters were wrapped up, and Dust to Dust char. creation stuff was discussed at length. That wasn't really a game, that was... well, I shouldn't really call it foreplay, but you know...

*ahem*, anyway.

So AE.

It was a pretty straightforward session... we fought more !*^@&!%^! Winter Wolves, captured one, quizzed him, and had our Faen Akashic do some object loresight on that wolf's collar. This got the attention of something called a Winterspawn, who apparently was the Liege Lord of an Ice Devil that we killed the hell out of some time ago, who scried on us for a while. Then he teleported a thing that looked like a dead corpse frozen in a battle-mech of ice armor at us, and was apparently annoyed that we fucking smashed it into a thousand pieces. I say we, but I really mean Shieldhaven's Warmain and his awesome hammer, enchanted with Ghost Touch. I didn't bother to use any other spell slots than that, because with Ghost Touch and his earlier attack, not to mention the damage the other tanks dealt, there wasn't any reason to do so. The math may or may not work out on whether I did more damage spending the 5th level spell slot on Ghost Touch than on some other blast you to hell spell, like Attack From Within, but eh. It was pretty cool either way.

The Winterspawn wasn't really down with us taking out his minion, and in response to me mouthing off at his scrying-bubble after failing to dispel it, he telepathically contacted me to explain why he and his buddies wanted to cover the world in winter, freezing everyone. We knew this, mostly (there's a Primordial Evil that they can trap forever this way-- btw, sorry about your planet)-- but dislike the methods (Hey! All my stuff's here! And what about meee!?), and so I argued, Honeythorn Gump style (What good is a world locked in a season of death?), and we agreed to disagree (I'm right and going to keep on doing what I'm doing and hope we don't meet again, nyah vs. I'm betting my friends are going to want to come and probably try to kill you and all your friends, nyah. Not that I said that), and I reported the chat to the party. We were all quite perturbed.

Dresden Files Char. creation was... interesting. So, you create concepts, like in say, Spirit of the Century, based on what you think you might want to do. My concept was initially Dexter Morgan as a small half black, half mexican girl, and it eventually sort of became half Dexter, half, well, That Other Serial Killer who targets monsters. This is a character that I would normally consider completely unplayable, but. I'm gonna go ahead and blame Wombat and Samhaine for this one. We play the game on next Tuesday; Samhaine will be writing a review of the system thereafter, and I shall link it whereupon.

In the meantime, the Monkey King and Four Color have been Continuing the Conversation on humans as default race et al in gaming, and on player investment. You should go give a little looksee. Basically, what it's all done is make me want to read Eclipse Phase and play Noumenon.

Fortunately, Shieldhaven is considering what game to start running next, and Noumenon is on the list, though Mage or Westmarches E6 are my top choices.

Over The Edge with some Guest Stars this weekend, and I'll do a new Games I'm Playing post when Shieldhaven chooses our next adventure. And hopefully I'll have gotten to play some more Fallout: New Vegas in the interim.

Btw... does it make me a bad person, wanting to play this so badly? I mean it looks like...

Never mind what it looks like. But I still want to play it.

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