Thursday, July 21, 2011

Session Roundup #18

This week was pretty much Over the Edge, and also the iphone app Alchemy, which is sad and addictive and I love it. Anyway.

So, the premise in Alchemy is that you start with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and then combine them to make things, which you then combine to make other things, until you have bacteria and life and man and volcanoes and beer and switzerland and jedi and kilts. It's kind of awesome and hilarious. Recommended. Word to the wise-- go ahead and pay for the 99 cent app; it crashes a lot less than the free version with (poorly scripted) ads.

And now, Over the Edge. Have I mentioned how much I love this game? I kind of love it a lot. It is rules light without making one paralyzed by choice. The characters are insane and awesome, and it's great for pickup games. We had three new players, as our friend Pipistrella was in town, and also the Monkey King was down from John Waters land to pick up his Brock Samson-esque character. So apart from that, it was me and Stands-in-Fire as the Veterans, Shieldhaven running it, and Four Color and System Sans Setting as the newbies.

This one was basically a large combat with a gang, as they tried to steal the Crimson Chamber, also known as the Massive Paperweight That Spits Out Monsters. Combat is pretty much equal give and take (unless there's guns, don't let there be guns), and though it took a while, it's really fun. We managed to get the hell away from the E-Z Sleep, the shady-ass hotel where we were holed up, after discovering, at the tail end, the horrible experiments going on in the basement. Aiie. Such a random and kind of awesome setting.

Last session, since it was forever ago, is here.

Now, back to Dust to Dust Website updates.

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